What should you expect?

I provide a written report that evaluates the function and safety of a home.  I check everything that I can get access to using normal operating controls.  I will include lots of pictures so it is easier to email the final file but a print copy can be given if requested.   Theses are limited visual  inspections though and I can not take anything apart or move items to get into blocked or sealed areas.  That being said I will always take my time and be as thorough as possible.  All inspectors follow a Standard Of Practice that guides us into what and how a home is inspected.  I will meet and exceed these standards in my inspection.  If there are areas that are inaccessible during the inspection due to access or safety they will be noted on your report.  My goal is to give you the best insight into the condition of a home.  I will use my inside knowledge of the remodel and construction industry to locate what others might miss.   


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Why Should I Get An Inspection

Inspections are done for many reasons.  Typically you get an inspection before you buy a house.  This is to try and identify issues and potential pitfalls a prospective home may have.  A good inspection report will give a client a detailed description of the current condition of a home.  It is always important to get an inspection because a current homeowner may have a problem they are not aware of.  

A home inspection may be needed for a lot of other issues as well.  If you are planning a large remodel project it might be a good idea to get an inspection to be sure there are not other issues that might need to be addressed first.  This is where a company like Aspire can help to prioritize a project list or to identify the most important maintenance issues.  The benefit of having contractor experience is that I understand what it takes to keep a home safe, functioning and looking it's best.  There is nothing worse than completing a large remodel project only to have a roof fail or a furnace go out.  An inspection will help find these issues before they bite you in the wallet. 

 There are also a lot of new environmental concerns these days.  There are all kinds of new concerns out there such as lead, asbestos, radon and mold.  All houses built before 1978 are likely to contain lead somewhere.  It can be in the plumbing, paint, or windows.  If your worried about any of these issues you can get an inspection.  These can be very simple to lengthy and complex.  I offer a simple inspection to identify possible problems and use a 3rd party who specializes in these inspections to do a detailed and thorough inspection if a problem is identified.  Ask about adding any of these services to your inspection.  I do a simple inspection to try and identify issues to save clients the cost of a detailed inspection but if issues are suspected I always recommend the specialists.